Artist / Author / Cartographer:

Herve Baille (1896 - c.1980) Messageries Maritimes


South East Asia - Messageries Maritimes - "Vietnam", "Cambodge","Laos" - Far Eastern Liners




lithograph, with original colour


54 x 87 cms.


South East Asia - Messageries Maritimes - "Vietnam", ""Cambodge","Laos" - Far Eastern Liners.

A decorative early 1950s map of South East Asia highlighting the route of three passenger liners belonging to the French shipping company, Messageries Maritimes. The three ships shown are the Vietnam, Cambodge and Laos. The route taken was Colombo - Singapore - Saigon - Manila - Hong Kong - Kobe - Yokohama. A number of features decorate the map such as the ruins at Angkor at the centre and the palace of Potola in Tibet. Sharks are seen chasing schools of fish. The company logo of Messageries Maritmes in the upper left shows the head of a unicorn with an anchor below a crown. Over China is a compass rose. Signed lower right Herve Baille.


The French artist Herve Baille was born in Sete, Herault in 1896. He was on the committee of humerous artists. He exhibited at the "Salon de Humoristes", and took part in fantasist art exhibitions in Lyon, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.


E. Benezit Dictionnaire des peintures, sculpteurs, dessinateurs, et graveurs 1976

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