We are specialists in fine and rare antique maps, including those by some of the most prominent cartographers, with a particular focus on the countries and cities of East and Southeast Asia from the early 16th  century to the 20th  century.

Early maps show the latest geographical discoveries and are often beautifully drawn. They reflect both historical and geographical detail. Some   feature extravagant illustrations such as sea monsters and mythical animals which are part of the mapmaker’s art.

Although most of the maps we have were published in Europe, we do occasionally find maps from China and Japan.

“Some to beautify their Halls, Parlors, Chambers, Galeries, Studies or Libraries, … liketh, loveth, getteth and useth, Maps, Charts and Geographicall Globes.” John Dee (1527-1608, astronomer and geographer to Queen Elizabeth I), courtesy of Rodney Shirley.

List of Maps