Artist / Author / Cartographer:

Schley, Jacob van der


East Asia - Suite de L'Ocean Oriental contenant




copper engraving, later colour


28.5 x 29.5 cm


East Asia - Suite de L'Ocean Oriental contenant Les Isles de la Sonde, Les Costes de Tunquin et de la Chine, Les Isles du Japon, Les Philippines, Moluques. Dressee sur les divers manuscrits du Depost des Plans de la Marine. Par N. Bellin Ingen.


An attractive map of South East Asia published in France in the mid eighteenth century.


The French cartographer Nicolas Bellin worked for over fifty years at the French Hydrographic Service where he was appointed the first chief hydrographic engineer of the “Depot des cartes, plans et journaux du Ministere de la Marine”. While working there he was commissioned to carry out major surveys of all the known coasts of the world. This resulted in the production of a large number of sea charts of the highest quality which appeared in many editions with varying numbers of charts. He was appointed ‘Hydrographer to the King’ and was a member of the Royal Society in London. Among the books and atlases that contained Bellin’s maps of China and South East Asia were Abbe Prevost’s Histoire Generale des Voyages 1746 and Le Neptune Francais 1753.


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