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Geographical Section, General Staff


Hong Kong and Leased Territory - Sha Tau Kok






49 x 74 cm


Hong Kong and Leased Territory - Sha Tau Kok. Sheet 7 No. 3868 Photographed from the air by the Royal Air Force 1924/5. Ground Control by the 2nd Colonial Survey Section, R.E., under Lieut. H. Wace, R.E.. Surveyed and drawn by the Geographical Section, General Staff, 1928. Printed at the War Office 1929. Hydrographical details supplied by the Hydrographic Dept., the Admiralty.


Note The area outside the Leased Territory has been compiled from doubtful sources and is not of the same accuracy as the air photo survey. For example it has not been possible to enter the 10 metre contour.


A detailed map of the north east New Territories (Leased Territory). It includes part of the Sha Tau Kok railway line above the Starling Inlet. The town of Sha Tau Kok is right on the border with China and Kowloon customs is indicated there on the map. Sha Tau Kok Railway was operating from April 1912 and was closed in 1928 It ran from Fanling to Sha Tau Kok in the northern New Territories of Hong Kong. It was a narrow gauge railway. The road from Au Ha to Sha Tau Kok was completed in 1924. This saw the decline in usage of the railway, which was eventually closed.


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