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Direccion de Hidrografia


Carta General del Archipielago de Filipinas.Leventada en 1792 y 1793 por los comandantes y oficiales de las Corbetas de S.M. ...




copper engraving


89 x 59 cms.


Carta General del Archipielago de Filipinas. Leventada en 1792 y 1793 por los comandantes y oficiales de las Corbetas de S.M. ...


A rare Spanish chart of the Northern Philippines based on Spanish surveys undertaken in 1792-3 from Malaspina’s scientific voyage and showing the routes of these surveys. Includes detailed inset of San Bernadino Straits and Southern Luzon from an original drawing of 1792 in upper right corner. Three lighthouses around Manila Bay picked out with yellow and orange highlights.


The chart shows the archipelago as it was known in 1793. 


Malaspina’s ships are not the only voyages recorded here, to the west is the  track of the frigate SM Santa Lucia in 1800. The Santa Lucia was trying to chart the tricky Scarborough Shoal. By including its track here, the Spanish were making a claim to knowing, and therefore controlling, the waters there.

Also the 1794 tracks of the schooners SM Santa Anna and San Juaquin are marked west of Cape Bolinao. 


Condition - A couple of short repaired marginal tears. Some light foxing in left blank margin.



Not listed in Quirino - Philippine Cartography

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