FARRERE, Claude and Charles FOUQUERAY / 1945

Macao to Pedro Blanco including Hong Kong

U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office / 1942

City plan of Canton - Guangzhou

Chinese Mapmaker / c1930

Railway Map Shum Chun to Canton

Hurley, Robert Crisp / 1925

Plan of Canton

Japanese Imperial Railways / 1924

The Far-East - Hong Kong, Canton, Macao, Shanghai,...

Hurley, Robert Crisp / c.1908

Clepsydra or water clock, Canton

A-Chan / c1900

The West River branch of the Chu-Kiang or Pearl River...

Hurley, Robert Crisp / c1896

Canton (Guangzhou) - British Consulate, Shameen (Shamien)...

Unknown Photographer / c.1895