AFONG, A Photographer in Hong Kong c.1860 -1890

Peak Tram Station and the Peak Hotel

Afong Lai / c.1890

Sedan Chair and Rickshaw

Afong Lai / c1890

941.Hong Kong - Boat dwellings, sampans and junks...

Afong Lai / c1890

208 - S.S. Hankow starting from the Pearl River

Afong Lai / c1890

1039. Panorama of Hong Kong looking west

Afong Lai / c.1889

Treverbyn House, The Peak, Hong Kong

Afong Lai / c1889

953. - Part of the Queen's Road Central

Afong Lai / c.1885

A Street in Canton

Afong Lai / c.1880

600. - The Mode of Conveyances at Hongkong

Afong Lai / c1880