The New Map of Great Shanghai

The Shanghai Nippon Do / 1939

HMS Medway with 8 submarines, Hong Kong

Unknown Photographer / c1939

The New Map of Shanghai (1938)

Japanese Mapmaker / 1938

Peking - Famous Resorts of Peiping and Environs

Science Press, Peiping / c1938

Yunnan - Carte Shell - Routes du Yunnan

H. Barue & F.O. Tchao / Octobre

Hangchow with West Lake

Japanese Mapmaker / 1937

Official Road Map of Shanghai and District

Automobile Club of China / 1936

Peking - A Map and History of Peiping by Frank Dorn...

Frank Dorn The Peiyang Press Ltd / 1936

A Tanka boatwoman with her sampan

Chinnery, George / c.1935