Indochine Francaise

Boucher, Lucien / c1935

Singapore Strait Compiled from the Latest Information...

Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty / 1932

Philippine Islands - The Riviera of the Orient

Ruth Taylor White / c 1930

East Asia - Java China Japan Lyn Chart

Stanford, Edward / c1930


Surveyor General F.M.S.S & S.S. / 1927

Phuket (Thailand) - Puket or Tongka Hbr

U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office / 1922

Burmese village on the Irrawaddy

Hla, M.T. / c1920

Plan de Hanoi

Bartholomew, John & Co. / c1920

Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore

G.R. Lambert & Co. / c.1900