Hong Kong poster - a Chinese junk in the Harbour

Brown & Bigelow / c1965

Hong Kong, View of the Harbor

Unknown Photographer / c1965

Hong Kong, junk on the waterfront, Northwest Airlines...

Unknown Photographer / c1958

Hong Kong - Ma Liu Shui Railway Station near Shatin...

Unknown Photographer / c.1956

Kowloon Canton Railway Logo 1949 - 1975

Unknown Artist / 1949

Air France - Orient - Extreme Orient

Boucher, Lucien / 1948

Kowloon Canton Railway Logo

Unknown Artist / c1945

Yangtse River - Chinese Boats

Jorgensen, S.P. / c.1932

Panorama of Hong Kong (from the Mountain)

K. M. & Co., Hongkong / c1915