A New Map of Asia, from the latest authorities

Cary, John / 1806

A New Map of Asia from the Latest Authorities

Cary, John / 1806

Asia - Charte de L'Asie publie par Jean Walch

Will, Johann Martin / c1790

A New and Accurate Map of Asia

Bowen, Thomas / c1787

L'Asie divisee en ses principaux Etats

Janvier, Jean / 1784

Asia concinnata Secundum

Lotter, Tobias Conrad / c1770


Bellin, Jacques Nicolas / 1764

Asia upon the Globular Projection, drawn from the best...

Bowen, Emanuel / 1762

Asia - An Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the Sieur...

George Rollos [1731 - c.1775] / 1759