Canton - Map of the Province of Kuang Tung (Guangdong)...

Augustus Petermann F.R.G.S. [1822 - 1878] Friedrich Hirth [1845 - 1927] / 1872

Macau - Praya Grande, Macao, View from St. Francisco...

Floyd, William Pryor / c.1868

Macau - Praya Grande, view from Alta Vista

Floyd, William Pryor / c.1868

China Eastern Coast - From Mong Chow to Hong Kong

Admiralty Chart J. & C. Walker / 1867

Town and Harbour of Macao

Mayers, W.F., Dennys, N.B. and Chas. King / 1866

Macao, Theater Sing Song

Hildebrandt, Edward / 1863

Coast of China (South)

Weller, Edward / c.1860

Canton and its approaches, Macao and Hong Kong

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge / c1857

Pagode aux environs de Macao

Lauvergne, Barthelemy / 1852