A Tanka boatwoman with her sampan

Chinnery, George / c.1935

The Far-East - Hong Kong, Canton, Macao, Shanghai,...

Hurley, Robert Crisp / c.1908

Macau sketched Dec 1898

Jeffreys, Major F.V., R.E. / 1898

Macau - view of Praya Grande towards Penha Hill

Unknown Photographer / c1895

Macao Praya Grande

Unknown Photographer / c.1890

Hong Kong Ferry Heung-Shan, moored at Macao

Unknown Photographer / c.1890

Praia Grande, Macao

Unknown Artist / c.1885

Macau - St. Paul's

Unknown Photographer / c.1875

Macau - Praya Grande, Macao, View from St. Francisco...

Floyd, William Pryor / c.1868